HpA is an independent Hydro power (Hp) Authority (A) for engineering design and consulting services. Our mission is to generate value by applying engineering experience and technology to provide highly desirable services and products to the power industry and to do so with integrity, ethics, and utmost dedication to our customers, employees and community.  Our vision is to be recognized for our value added engineering and consulting services exemplified by quality, integrity, and dedicated customer service. 

We specialize in hydro unit modernization, rehabilitation, and maintenance and the many challenges those programs present. Including turbines, generators, govenors, electrical power train equipment including switchgear, protection and controls,.  Repairing and upgrading old equipment is not easy.  Many times drawings and records are not available and components have to be reversed engineered.   This brings on questions: Why did it fail?, What is the best up to date design?, What materials work best for that application?, Will this fix the problem? Our experience can help you avoid many pitfalls and the costly consequences.  

Need new equipment?  As an independent service provider, we can help you specify the best available.

Our Mission:
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